links to websites i like!

gif of kiki from kiki's delivery service


Youtube to mp3 converts youtube videos to mp3 or mp4

Sparkles some copy paste sparkles and other symbols

Ao3 fanfiction archive with in depth tagging system

Text colorizer creates HTML code for gradient text like this

Status cafe website to post updates and statuses about your life (i post here!)

EZGif gif editor

SCMPlayer music player for websites or blogs

Listography list making site (i don't personally use this but it looks really really cool :o)

Zonelets blogging engine

imood mood tracker

Color picker self explanatory

CSSgradient gradient creator, it gives you CSS code for it and the hex codes of the colors you choose

Melonland project same creator as Melonking, has links to related sites

Melonland wiki wiki for afformentioned site and other similar topics

Every noise at once music of basically every genre, with information about them, organized in a sort of web

other sites that i like (less tools or cool things, but more personal sites n shit!)

Sadgrl comprehensive site about webmastering and web revival (CHECK IT OUT)

Melonking super super cool site, really expansive and well made (make sure you have audio set to autoplay!)

Astralvrz cool simple site

Maia arson crimew self explanatory, coolest kitten ever

A.N. Lucas lot's of cool stuff here, and cool design

History of stars old geocities site, information about constellations and stars

Cloverbell really cute site!

TheKirbySphere need to check this out more, cool visuals

links to links, linkception if you will

Sumire web resources links

Melon's links

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