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⚠️this website is perpetually under construction!⚠️

hi, im chrysanthemum, and welcome to my small little corner of the web! this site is eclectic if nothing else, so feel free to explore it's (not that expansive) expanses! it will grow bigger over time, so feel free to save/bookmark and check back later. links above lead to other pages, i suggest about, writing, and shrines (the yeehan one particularly!!). feel free to use any of the buttons i've made below, and check out the other sites there, they are very very cool! if you want to contact me for any reason, my email is on the about page. I LOVE EMAILS so pls do lol

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9/17/2023: new journal entry: cowboys cowboys, even more cowboys

9/12/2023: 1 yeehan art added to shrine

8/26/2023: journal page added, first journal entry, this log created!

5/18/2023: website created

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Gif of Granmamare from Ponyo

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