in the state of washington, under a near constant cover of clouds and rain, there's a small town named forks. population: 3,120 people.


Bella Swan and Jacob Black in Twilight New MoonBella Swan inside of her red truck in Twilight

My older sister Chloe was a fan of twilight back when the movies and books were coming out in the late 2000s. Before 2020, my only personal experience with the series was listening to her playing "The Meadow" from New Moon on piano. But, during the pandemic, she convinced me to read all of the books and to watch the movies with her. Ever since, I've loved the series, and love many aspects of it. New Moon is my favorite movie, it's also objectively the best one, and tragically, I am Team Jacob! I'll get into my justifications for it later, not like it's needed but it's an interesting topic imo.

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