"what's home like for you, archer?"
"a village, high atop a hill. there are cherry blosoms in the spring. i miss it dearly."


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If you don't know, this ship is called yeehan. It's the ship between Cole Cassidy and Hanzo Shimada from Overwatch. The ship used to be called McHanzo before Cassidy's name was changed, so the ship name was changed with it (yeehan comes from yeehaw, ie cowboy, with han added, hanzo). I've always loved the two characters, and have mained both of them in game at one time or another. Therefore, I love the ship! Below I'll have my thoughts on the ship, fan art that I like, fanfics with a brief description of them and my thoughts, and hopefully in the future my own fanfics for the ship :)
Also Cole Cassidy is really hot and sorry hanzo move over he's my bf in my mind


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i have so much art from 2 specific artists that it would be dumb giving a tittle to each image. so, they each get their own mini sections. I fully recommend going to their accounts and seeing the rest of their stuff, cause it's really cool! also, since many images are smaller than their original size, to get the full size open it in another tab.

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